Why “The Other Woman” is even dumber than you think

Now, when a “romantic comedy” comes along, one usually and rightfully suspects a stupid film. However, most of them make at least sense in their own little universe. Not so “The Other Woman”. In the film, Cameron Diaz discovers that her boyfriend is married to Leslie Mann. The two women meet and discover that the guy has yet another affair, with Kate Upton. The three women than team up to get revenge. This is not only a stupid plot, but also completely unrealistic. Seriously, if you get to bang Kate Upton, no way you will risk that by also having relationships with Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz. Look at the three of them:


There is something seriously wrong with a guy who can’t choose between these three options. Compared to Kate Upton the other two not only look flat chested and old, but simply boring. The Casting of the movie is obviously as bad as the script, because no sane person would risk a relationship (meaning sex) with Kate Upton for Leslie Mann. Seriously, that does not make any sense.

Now for some pics from Kate Uptons Boobs on the set:

One thought on “Why “The Other Woman” is even dumber than you think

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